Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Earn money through announces new type of document viewer, iPaper. Now it allows you to earn money through your documents. If you own a document, you can use iPaper to display them on your site or blog, and if you choose to display advertisements in the documents you will get some percentage of money earned by the ads.

Read more at scribd FAQs.

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  1. Adobe already offers a service that allows you to monetize your PDF documents with ads. Check it out at:

    Cynthia (Adobe)

  2. I think Scribd is toxic for creators and publishers. They slurp in copywritten content and then republish it with ads. I'm all for generous use licenses (read: free for non-commercial readers). However, no creative artist wants their work to be meddled with by bots.

    I don't see the legitimate use for Scribd. AdsforPDF already provides a revenue stream for PDFs. Google documents is better for sharing legitimate user-generated document content. From my point of view, Scribd is all about lawyers and DMCA loopholes.

    Scribd is a cesspool.

  3. Adobe ads offer is closed now. Do you guys know of any other similar service (except scribd, of course)?

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