Sunday, November 25, 2007

Mail Store in Outlook Express


If you are using Outlook Express as your mail client, you need to know where all mails are being stored to take regular backups.

You can know the location by going to Tools> Options> Maintenance> Store Folder. It will shows the path of the location where it is storing the mails.

Now copy the path and paste that in the Explorer's address bar and hit enter, you will see your mails stored as .dbx files. Now you can backup those files.

Best thing to do is to change the mail store location to another drive than system drive. So that you won't lose your mails even if your OS crashed and refused to open... you can safely format the partition and your mails are stored safely in another partition. To change store folder location, go to the Maintenance tab as above, click on Store Folder, click on Change button and select the new location... you're done.

Friday, November 16, 2007

Learn words - Donate food


Check out this site.. in this site you can play with words. If you got meaning of a word right, they will donate 10 grains of rice to the United Nations Food program. You can donate some food while you learning english. Play the game while you are free.

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

How much Virtual Memory

How much virtual memory is optimal for your machine?  It should be 1.5 times to the RAM you have installed in your system.

What is virtual memory?  Virtual memory is the space on hard drive which was used by operating system as RAM when there is not enough space left on real RAM.  When physical memory (RAM) is filled up with the opened programs, and if you opens any new program, then old programs in memory will be shifted to the physical space on the hard drive.  Whenever those programs needed to be executed, those programs will be again shifted into RAM again, if there is not enough space left in RAM, some programs will be shifted to the hard drive.  As that hard disk space is being used as memory and it is not physical RAM, it is called virtual memory.

So, how to change virtual memory setting on windows XP? Go to system properties(right click on My Computer and select properties), select Advanced tab, click on settings button in Performance section.  Select Advanced tab, click on change button in Virtual Memory section.  Set Initial size, and Maximum size here for the selected drive.  Setting both to the same value improves performance.  Actually setting virtual memory is enough, you may choose to set it on another drive also.

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Download files in many formats

In this site, you can upload any document (it supports many formats) in one format and after that you can download that file in many other formats like you upload a word document and you can download that file as pdf or plain text or even as mp3 file.

check out more details here.


You don't need to sign up to upload files. You can embed your documents in your site in flash player.

Update: Anonymous uploads are no longer available. You must register before uploading.

Friday, November 9, 2007

What is this process?

Want to know about a process running in your system. Check out the following websites.

Important steps when cleaning virus

When you are putting scan for viruses you have to disable system restore. Windows XP backups your system at times, so that you can revert back to the working condition if your system is not working after installing X software. You can select the restore point before that day you installed that X software, so your system can work normally.

If your system has a virus, your windows might unknowingly already backed up the virus with other files. Your Anti Virus software can not remove virus from these backed up files because windows is protecting them. So, after your Anti Virus scans and cleans rest of the system, the virus can start spreading again from those backed up files.

So, first turn off the system restore in all drives before starting the scanning. You can do this by going to system properties(either through control panel, or by right clicking on My Computer icon). Then go to System Restore > Turn Off. You can hit the Win + Pause on the keyboard to bring up the System Properties.

And every time scan your system by booting into safe mode because when started in safe mode, windows loads minimal files to start the system.

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Task Manager disabled?

Task manager in your system is disabled by virus? To remove the virus you have to first make the virus not to run. The virus disables registry editor, and MSConfig also along with task manager. So, you can't able to stop the virus from loading with the windows.

You can download Process Explorer and use this utility to view and kill the processes. It offers more features than default task manager bundled with Windows.

If you like your old Task Manger you can enable it by changing options in the Group Policy Editor.

Go to Windows > Run > gpEdit.msc or you can find this in Control Panel > Administrative Tools.

Go to User Configuration > Administrative Templates > System > Ctrl+Alt+Del Options > Remove Task Manger. Disable this option. Now you can see Task Manger option enabled.


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Monday, November 5, 2007

FeedBlitz Ad Network

Good news for all those who are using FeedBlitz service in their blogs.  Now you can join FeedBlitz ad network.  It will show ads in the emails it serves, and it is context sensitive like Google's AdSense program.  So, you can get good clicks and good money.

Topping all these, it is open to everyone unlike Feedburner's Ad Network.

Learn more here.

Site offers hacking business

Security researchers have stumbled upon a website which offers hacking services for hire. The site,, probably hosted from Russia, controls a large botnet (network of hijacked computers).Clients can make use of this botnet to induce malware into other computers and networks. The site will charge the clients 20 cents per infected computer. According to security researchers, clie-nts can also limit the number of infections. For instance, they can ask the botnet to infect 500 PCs and pay $200. Of course, they can choose the malware. The site also provides the client with a bill with details of the IP addresses infected and the data stolen. It is all very professional.

Saturday, November 3, 2007

Follow your comments in mail

You might be writing comments on many blogs you are visiting daily, you want to follow the replies given to your comments. So, you need to periodically visit those sites again to track your comments.

But now Google has introduced new feature. Whenever you write a comment you can choose to receive the follow-up comments in email. In this way, you don't need to check many times the same page for new comments. And you wont loose those comments, which were made after several months also. You can easily unsubscribe also, when you feel there is no more need to follow the comments.

Source: Blogger Buzz

Do more using e-mail


Do you know what you can do by using just e-mail

  • If you mail a document as attachment to, you will receive reply with the document converted into pdf file.
  • You have a pdf file and you want that file in text form, you can just send that file to
  • You can lookup meaning of words by sending mail to  Subject line should be: define word
  • and you can view webpages also in mail.... just send mail to with URL of the web page as subject of the mail.
  • you can upload photos to your flickr account (, documents to your google docs account (  You have to select the secret name in the place of ___.
  • and you can write to your blog using mail.... check Email section in Settings of your blogger account.  It is

Thursday, November 1, 2007

How to embed images in Gmail


You may knew that Gmail won't allow you to embed images, tables, etc.  But, there is a work around.  You can drag the image (or table or whatever) to the compose window... and it will be embedded into your message.

You can do the same thing to create HTML signatures.

Yahoo search features


See the above link to find out how to use Yahoo search engine most effectively. It explains about five features which are not present in Google but in Yahoo search.

  • compose e-mails
  • specifying the order
  • finding lyrics
  • search other websites from yahoo
  • linkdomain

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