Monday, May 12, 2008

Clean New Folder.exe, RegSvr.exe Virus

Recently I got infected with this virus. This virus just shows a message when windows started, "Rundll.exe is not found.......", and infecting the pen drives for first few days. Not much harm. But after 4 or 5 days it is starting creating copies of virus file in many folders. The copy will be having the same name as the folder name and it also having folder icon, so that we will think it as another folder.

When I have searched Internet, I got the following link useful Am I Works. I have developed a tool for removing this virus.

Download New Folder virus removal tool, unzip it, and double click on RemoveVirus.bat file. Tell me if you get rid of virus in comments section.

Note: If you are not able to open Registry Editor (Win+R, regedit.exe), See Accessing Registry disabled?

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Sunday, May 4, 2008

Stop viruses coming from pen drives

Now a days pen drives ( or USB drives ) became necessary. But there is a problem with these pen drives. They can be very easily infected by viruses. But we can not live without using pen drives.

You can be a bit more careful and prevent them infecting your system with different types of viruses.

  • First disable auto play in your system. This prevents viruses in the pen drive from running automatically when pen drives are inserted into the system. (Please note that this will disable auto playing of CDs also).
  • After inserting pen drive into the system open it in explorer mode only, don't open it in My Computer.
    • To open Explorer, press Win+E on your keyboard.
    • Or right click on My Computer, and select explorer.
    • If My Computer is already opened, click on 'Folders' in the tool bar (or View menu> Explorer Bar> Folders).
  • Always open pen drive by clicking on the pen drive name from the left pane only. Don't open from right pane.
  • Don't open the files you don't need. If you find any file suspicious, right click on file name and select properties. It will show complete details about that file. Don't rely on icons. Some viruses use folder icon to make us think that they are folders, and most probably we will double click on that to see what is there in that folder which actually executes the virus.
A little careful handling of pen drives will prevent a lot many viruses.

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