Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Firefox: view status bar in full screen

Whenever I am browsing in the full screen mode in Firefox, I miss the status bar. I use status bar extensively, to know page loading status, to know the actual URLs of the links. Whenever I hovered over a link, the URL will be shown on the status bar. But, in full screen mode, the status bar is not available. I have to right click on the link and select properties to view the actual URL.
By changing the userChrome.css file, I now get status bar in full screen mode also.

First read "What is userChrome.css & userContent.css?", if you don't know about them.

It is very simple. Add the following lines into your userChrome.css file.

/* Making status bar visible in full screen */
visibility: visible;

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  1. Thanks, that's a very useful tip :)

  2. Hm, I didn't get it at the first time, mainly at how we can find our profiles folder. But I found this page on

    which tells us how to do that.

    Anyway, good tip.

  3. nice post. i really needed this.

    and @Sindharta Tanuwijaya thanks!

    you made everyone's job easier.

  4. This is great, very helpful. Sindharta was also very helpful


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