Thursday, February 14, 2008

Firefox: Get your old quick find bar back

One of the good features in Firefox is the quick find feature. As soon as you start typing, Firefox will start searching for the word. But, if you want to go to the next occurrence of the search term, you have to first press Ctrl+F, then either Ctrl+G or Alt+N.

By adding a small code snippet to the userChrome.css file (What is userChrome.css?), you can get the full featured find bar. So, you don't need to press extra Ctrl+F before pressing Alt+N. It will save some time.

/* Restore quick find bar */
#FindToolbar > * {display: -moz-box; }

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  1. lol, you don't have to press ctrl+f, you can just use ctrl+g after quick find

  2. Thank you very much Anonymous. Corrected now.


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