Thursday, January 10, 2008

Lost mobile phone?

If you have lost your mobile, you can block the handset with the help of unique number of your mobile. For this, you have to give complaint in the police station, and after that go to your operator. You needed to give your mobile's unique number. Your operator will put this number in a shared list. All the operators which are following the list will block the phone from using. This will work even the thief uses new SIM of another operator as long as that operator following that common list.

You can buy and install some software before you lost mobile so that you can track your mobile.

Lost Mobile Tracking System (LMTS) sends a message to you when somebody inserted new SIM in your mobile. You have to provide alternate number, and email id when registering. When the SIM was changed, LMTS sends a message containing new SIM number, and location to the alternate number, email.

Virtual Mobile Security (VMS) offers more options. This software can hide your data apart from sending message. You can retrieve contacts from address book remotely, play alarm, display a message with your details (or warning message). Even you can lock the phone also.

Know unique number of your mobile.
Lost Mobile Tracking System
Virtual Mobile Security

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